The WEGER hygiene concept.

It is a fact that there are still countless rooms without a permanently installed ventilation system.
Due to the pandemic of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we once again become aware of the importance of good indoor air quality. Acting quickly and avoiding major damages; that is the motto right now.
The current situation is utterly new and therefore poses an extreme challenge to the whole society.
Even if politics are setting first examples with the right medication programs, the realization can never be as fast as help is needed. Our solution, which can be used either stationary or mobile, contributes a small part to make the world a better place. In rooms where ventilation is only partly possible, the air quality can be improved drastically by almost perfect filtration.

Vi-Pure II is effective wherever there are several people in the same room. By cleaning the air with filtration, the risk of infection will be minimized.

Places of application of VI-PURE II:


​​​​​ \ Day-care centres
\ Kindergartens
\ Restaurants or snack bars
\ Hotels with lobby, dinning rooms, sleeping rooms, SPA areas
\ Cinemas
\ Music rehearsal rooms
\ Doctor's offices
\ Meeting and conference rooms
\ Small university lecture halls
\ Airport business lounges
\ Governmental offices
\ Fitness rooms
\ travel agencies

Brilliant concept, familiar flexibility

The vertical device Vi-Pure II from WEGER attempts to oppose the problems of poor air quality and convinces with the well-known flexibility in the design from WEGER.
In the basic version the use of high-performance filters in a two-stage filtration ensures that the air is demonstrably purified from any virus-contaminated aerosols.
The purified ambient air, that is flowing out of the Vi-Pure II device above head hight, has a purity level of more than 99.95 %. This means that the air reaches the respiratory organs by the shortest possible route.

Unlimited use.

Wherever people have to stay in closed rooms and where there is no mechanical ventilation or window ventilation only is possible to a limited extent, Vi-Pure II can be the solution for retrofitting
Of course, the maintenance of the educational facilities has top priority, so, the primary focus of Vi-Pure II is on classrooms and school facilities.
At the planned optimum operating point of 750 m3/h Vi-Pure II serves classrooms of 50-70 m2 at a recommended air change rate of 4-6 times per hour. However, there are countless other applications
for Vi-Pure II if the short-term goal is not to bring the entire economy to a standstill.
Perhaps Vi-Pure II can help to be able to organize some social events again, as they can be extremely important on an emotional level. Imagine that by using Vi-Pure II it would be possible to organize a wedding, confirmation or any other event with your loved ones again.
What about holidays? If the hotel has installed Vi-Pure II nothing stands in the way of your next holiday. These are just two concrete examples of what we at WEGER think about.

Technology that convinces!

Vi-Pure II has a robust casing consisting of an anodised aluminium frame and panels with high-density mineral wool for optimum sound absorption.
Its state-of-the-art fans with EC technology of the latest generation guarantee the highest air performance with the lowest power consumption.
A double filter stage with a terminal filter made of glass-fibre medium with an above-average filter surface convinces with a nearly perfect separation of the aerosols.

The unit under the X-ray vision.

  • Robust feet with rubber pads to protect sensitive floors.
  • Speziell entwickelte Längsöffnungen zur Erhöhung des Querschnitts zur Reduzierung von Luftgeschwindigkeit und Strömungsrauschen
  • Sound attenuator in special design to reduce the pressure loss.
  • High-performance fan with bionic impeller for highest efficiencies.
  • Double-walled sight glass made of highly resistant and durable polymer with integrated LED lighting.
  • Long-life high-performance HEPA H13 filter.
    Filter frame with corner tensioner to ensure a tight fit of the filter and thus the separation efficiency of >99.95% according to EN 1822.
  • Optimum contact pressure of the maintenance door due to sash lock with socket spanner according toafety regulations.
    Three-dimensionally adaptable hinges. Ergonomic recessed grip.
  • Simplest operation via flush-mounted 7-inch touch screen integrated in the casing.
  • Aerodynamically and acoustically optimised air inlet (below) and air outlet (at head height) through aerodynamically developed hole pattern. Optimum air distribution without draught phenomena.
    Integrated revision function for easy filter change at the top.

Even more advantages:

\  meets the hygiene requirements for air handling devices according to VDI 6022
\ Low power consumption of 100-500 watts (motor power 0.5 kW)
\ Fully complies with security and safety regulations
\ Attractive design
\ ready for installation with EU standard 2 pin plug for 230 V connection including 3 m cable
\ filters delivered separately in hygienic packaging for perfect protection
\ By discharging overhead, the largest proportion of purified air reaches the respiratory organs via the shortest possible route

Sound pressure level (measured at 750 m³/h at 1m distance)


Air volume

Technical information:


746 x 706 x 2350 mm (D x W x H)



Weight: 180 kg


Air volume: 250-2100 m³/h

Sound pressure level: < 36 dB(A)

(measured at 750 m³/h at 1 m distance)

Electrical connection:

230 V – 1 Phase – 50 Hz

Frame: Anosdised aluminium


7" Touchscreen Display

Panel colours

Panel inside outside:

galvanised with additional plastisol coating

RAL 5005

RAL 5021

RAL 6005

RAL 7015

RAL 7035

RAL 7040

RAL 9004

RAL 9010


Ulrich Kammerer
+39 0474 561 850




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